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The Arembis Hyper-Logic SEARCH ENGINE

Restaurant Wine List Web Application

        The Arembis Search Engine has been developed by designers who understand the unique problems of Wine and the geographical nature of the hierarchical structure of wine regions. It has taken four years to develop, was built from the ground up and is now fully debugged and in use.

        Version 3.1 of the Arembis precision search engine, based on the robust Oracle 9i platform, has been adapted, re-designed and structured for the specific needs of Restaurant Wine Lists.

        The Arembis Wine List Application is based on a four-tier hierarchy for the wine regions thus:

        Country > Wine Region > Sub-Region > Wine Name

        This hierarchical structure enables even the most complicated wine lists to have results presented in such a way that your function managers, sommeliers and clients can navigate with ease and speed - giving them PERFECT PRECISION and FOCUSED RESULTS every time, with irrelevant results eliminated.

    It is particularly valuable for banquet or convention managers who may ask their corporate clients, when planning a dinner, to view the same web-page simultaneously from any remote region in the world.

        The powerful Arembis engine achieves, with pin-point accuracy, results from searches for Wine Name, Grower, Vineyard, Country, Region, Grape Varietal, Color, Vintage or Bottle Size (Eg. Half Bottle, Magnum or Jeroboam) - All from ONE SEARCH BOX — cataloguing the results of search for Grape Variety or Vintage by Country, Region and Sub-Region. There is a built-in feature that links each wine listed to the winery's web-site, for in-depth client info, or to a pop-up with the restaurant's own text describing each wine.

    The Arembis Search Engine technology additionally incorporates an amazing fuzzy logic feature that interprets mis-spellings and vague or imperfect search criteria.

        Among the numerous advantages of implementing the Arembis Wine List web application are:

  • TurnKey implementation, using your graphics
  • Search by Wine Name, Country, Region, Grape Varietal, Vintage, Price Range or Bottle Size
  • Displays Full Wine List in addition to selected results from search function
  • Features bottle size, bin number and price
  • Results are presented hierarchically and categorized according to the wine region and sub-region
  • Powerful Fuzzy Logic "interprets" user mis-spellings and vague or imperfect search terms
  • Smooth navigation and shows regional hierarchy path on every results page
  • Blazing fast results, even from large wine list and the fuzzy logic feature.
  • Links to Winery websites, wine maps and to wine description notes